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Welcome to the vForums Shopping Cart You can use this shopping cart system to purchase optional extras for your forum such as removing the ads, upgrading your chat room or advertising across our network.

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(40,000 Impressions)

Ad-Free Credits can be purchased to remove all advertisements from your message board. These credits come in two seperate levels:

Standard credits have a base cost of €1.12 each and will provide you with 10,000 ad-free impressions.
Super credits have a base cost of €5.60 but will provide 100,000 ad-free impressions.

Both types of credits can only be applied to a single month. At the end of each month any remaining ad-free impressions will be removed.


Domain Hosting
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make changes to the domain settings

Domain Hosting enables you to use your own domain name on your forum. So rather than you could use forum.your-name.tld or even your-name.tld

To use this service you must already own the domain name you wish to use and be able to make changes to the DNS records. This procedure is fairly straight forward.

You will need to create a new CNAME record to point the domain to your forum. Full details will be given once you continue to step 2.


CPM Advertising
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728px × 90px Banner adverts are shown across the top of ad supported forums. This advertising space is sold on a cost per thousand (CPM) basis. An example of the adverts used would be FruFrus Image Randomizers

On the next page you will be able to choose your target audience based on age group and gender.


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Due to the nature of these services we cannot offer refunds on any products purchased, even if the account is terminated or due to other loss of service. However, we can transfer products to an alternative vForums account.

If you require any assistance or need more information, please contact our support forum